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Harbinger Company was established in 2012. It was initially aimed to provide textile materials to a diverse client base on their variety of needs; however it was then expanded to import/export raw or non-raw textile materials or machineries. The firm is comprised of professionals with rich experience in textile industry, project/construction and industrial management fields. Having a team with such diverse educational or working backgrounds opened new business ideas to the company apart from textile materials such as, oil/gas and construction technologies.




Harbinger Company offers a wide range of services that include:

Provide different types of raw or non-raw yarns for knitting or weaving

Provide various types of fabrics/fibers

Assist the clients to find, negotiate and purchase textile machineries or sampling machines

Assist the clients to achieve their target quality in knitting or weaving the provided materials

Investigate and deliver proper technical solutions to the clients working in the textile industry

Offer new building technologies to construction industry

Offer advanced indoor/outdoor furnishing products to construction project designers/builders

Import/export oil/gas products considering the needs of clients


International Business

Local Business

Broad Networking

Technical Support

Provision of industrial and sampling Machineries

Provision of raw and non-raw yarns, fabrics and fibers

Provision of advanced technologies in construction and oil industry


Harbinger Company is now the exclusive sole agency of Karsu factory in Iran.  This factory is a Turkish factory working in textile industry. Our team has reached a high volume of sale at this stage and aims to expand the Harbinger business boundaries in near future. Our current achievements and experience clearly show that we have this capability to enhance our business relationships with more partners around the world.

The managing director of Harbinger Company leads the team members using his rich experience in textile industry and the other team member add a lot of updated academic knowledge to this to bring future probable successes to the front.


Mohsen Sarrafzadeh

Managing Director

About 40 years of experience in textile industry

Alireza Sarrafzadeh

Deputy Managing Director

BSc, Industrial Engineering, 2018